TENA Incontinence Liner - Night Super

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27 inch length heavy absorbent dry fast core, one size fits most adult disposable liner.

Designed for heavy to very heavy urine and/or fecal incontinence protection. A dual core and super absorbent polymers will rapidly pull urine away from the skin and into the product.

They are a light and airy 2-piece pad and pant system design that is open on the sides, leaving more skin surface exposed to the air.  The 2-piece pad has a contoured core with oval shaped elastics to promote improved comfort and leakage protection. 

The wetness indicator shows when there is a need to change.

Ideal for daytime or nightime usage.

They work best when combined with TENA Comfort.

24 per pack; 2 packs per case.

TENA Incontinence Liner - Night Super
TENA Incontinence Liner - Night Super